1. Directions: Please follow the information at Visit Us.
  2. Parking: Please follow the information at Visit Us. The parking is free on Sunday, but you still need to pull out a ticket when you enter the garage. When you exit the garage, simply return the ticket to the machine and the gate will open.
  3. Where is Room 199? Take the stairs on the east side of Cupples I and you will find Room 199 between the first and second floor.
  4. Where do parents stay during the event? When there is enough space, parents are welcome to stay at the back of Room 199 if you are interested in listening to the lecture. Otherwise, you may stay in the nearby lounge Room 200.
  5. What to bring? We will provide pencils and scratch papers. Calculators are generally not needed. So, in general, you do not need to bring any stationery.
  6. Please advise your kids properly before coming to the event. The major purpose of WashU Math Circle is to promote kids’ interest into intriguing math topics and enjoy the fun of doing and thinking about mathematics. Some topics are at the college level, so they can be challenging to the kids, but the instructors will make them accessible in an intuitive way and avoid introducing too many mathematical jargons. An important part of effective learning is to think actively. Please encourage your kids to raise questions and never feel intimidated. The thinking process can be far more valuable than learning the materials themselves. Meanwhile, please also remind your kids about some basic discipline, such as mutual respect and maintaining basic classroom order (e.g. do not interrupt others’ conversation).