March 5, 2023Prof. Nan LinCalculate π by throwing Buffon’s needle (handout, computer demo)in-personIsaac Anderson, Sydney Mayer, Aaron Lin
March 12, 2023Prof. Aliakbar DaemiCutting and pasting polygonsin-personBowen Peng, Aaron Lin
Mar 26, 2023Devin AkmanHow to Hang Pictures Poorly Using Math? (handout)in-personGyrie Gu, Junyi Yao, Bowen Peng
Apr 2, 2023Prof. Xiang TangHow to approximate √2? (handout)in-personGyrie Gu, Jason Yang, Bowen Peng
Apr 9, 2023Rachel WuDoubling the cube (straightedge and compass constructions) (handout)in-personJason Yang, Isaac Anderson, Lexy Sokolowski
Apr 16, 2023Shibashis MukhopadhyayDivisibility in integers: Primes, Euclidean Algorithm, and more (handout)in-personIsaac Anderson, Lexy Sokolowski, Junyi Yao
Apr 23, 2023John NaughtonChaotic Dynamics (handout)in-personSydney Mayer, Isaac Anderson, Gyrie Gu
Apr 30, 2023Prof. Matt KerrMathematical Recreationsin-personJason Yang, Lexy Sokolowski, Leah Qin