The regular time and place for the circle event is 3:30 pm-5pm every Sunday in Room 199, Cupples I, on the Danforth Campus at Washington University in St. Louis. All sessions are in-person unless otherwise notified. Please see the schedule for Fall 2023 below.

Sep 17, 2023Prof. Nan LinPlane Geometry in AMC Tests: Angle Chasing (handout)Allison Berman, Carson Brame, Gavin John
Sep 24, 2023Nathan LesnevichCryptography: The math of making and breaking codes (handout)Carson Brame, Gavin John, Sophia Dykstra,
Oct 1, 2023John NaughtonIntroduction to Knot Theory (handout)
Oct 8, 2023Pooja JoshiGroups and Symmetries
Oct 15, 2023Akshata Pisharody
Oct 29, 2023ARML Power Contest
Nov 5, 2023AMC 10/12 mock test
Nov 12, 2023Prof. Wanlin Li
Nov 19, 2023Devin Akman
Dec 3, 2023Prof. Alan Chang

Important dates for math competitions

AMC10/12: Nov 8, 2023 (Test A) and Nov 14, 2023 (Test B)